owing to the fact that i will now be working for myself, discipline is in serious order. even more so than ever before. i think i am now caught up on real sleep and have shaken off my retail sleep patterns, but i am perfectly prepared to take on a whole new set of reckless sleep patterns if that is what it takes.

i came across henry miller's work schedule commandments and fell in love with everything about it immediately. i felt it worked in perfectly with my life at this point in time.

don't you love it? 

i like to call my first week off of work "celebration week" simply because that's what i did, celebrate. along with celebrating, i have been planning my days and putting together a daily schedule for myself which will continuously need refining, i am sure.

i have been having a great time djing all around long beach this past month. it's been really fun. we will be djing at food truck fridays again this week and are super excited to be providing the shopping jams on black friday at anneise.

keep dancing. 

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