anneise is one of my favorite shops in long beach. the owner, kimberly is all style and simply lovely. not only is the shop beautifully designed with wood accents and industrial materials, but the selection of jewelry and clothing is handpicked brilliantly. you would probably walk in and assume that you might spend an arm and a leg on that one amazing piece that catches your eye, but it's exactly the opposite! you can easily walk out of this store with an entire outfit (accessories included!) for under a hundred bucks. definitely a high-end feel without the prices. 

anneise is at 440 e. 1st st. in long beach in the heart of the east village arts district. 

stop by on black friday for the east village black friday festival. i will be djing in front of anneise as you dance into your holiday shopping. 

keep dancing,

(photos by me and valerie tucker)

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  1. This looks fantastic! I love those sunglasses especially, and I was expecting them to be really expensive, but they're only 12 bucks! I'll keep this store in mind for if I'm ever in long beach:)