i had a good time at zombie walk yesterday. i am not much of a halloween person, but i have to admit that this crowd brought out any halloween spirit i had buried in me (no pun intended). my favorite part of the night (other than djing) was the thriller flash mob. i was bummed that i didn't have the thriller dance routine down so i could join in on the fun. the kids were so adorable. 

we also got to see some really good bands. some of my favorites were peter pants

keep dancing,

(photos by tor saharopulos)


  1. Work it, girl. We talked about going to the Zombie walk but made other plans last minute. It looks and sounds like so much fun. I really enjoyed seeing zombies walking around all Long Beach yesterday, though at first I forgot about the approach of Halloween and was tripping out momentarily at this phenomenon.

    I don't usually exude the Halloween spirit either. It's like I lose all creativity when Halloween approaches. I never know what costume to wear, maybe because most of my everyday wear looks like a costume. too much self-induced stress.

    happy Fall. I'm glad to see you're enjoying yourself.

    1. thank you, crystal! it would have been so nice to see you and finally meet you in person!

      happy fall!!