when i listen to too high by yesterdays new quintet, it immediately gets me dancing in my seat; which is a great feeling after being sick all of last week with an annoying cough. there are quite a lot of things on my mind this morning. last night when i got off of work, my mind was going a mile a minute with ideas and thoughts about this upcoming fall. first off, i would like to say how happy i am about the weather cooling down. it has me feeling all good inside. this time of year is the most inspiring time of year for me.

here are a few things flooding my brain:

i. ) i am working on a set for zombie walk, which will be this saturday here in long beach. we will be djing between bands on one of the main stages. i am getting to know a lot of people here in long beach and am trying to get some future events going coming this december. so, stay tuned.

ii.) i am finishing up my last two weeks at the bookstore which has me feeling sad and excited simultaneously. i've been thinking about the incredible people i've met in the past 18 years. most who are still in my life. again, forever grateful. 

iii.) i have been following this blog adventures with veggies which has me totally inspired. i am always striving to eat a vegan diet. last month i was really bad with too many trips to a local moroccan restaurant (whoops). this is the kind of behavior that gets the best of me and my overindulgent self. i've also come to terms with the fact that i am a carb junkie. yup, bread all the time, anytime. get a grip, girl. it's a process. i am learning to keep my fun in moderation. i don't like diets or the idea of dieting. it really comes down to permanent changes. i'm getting there. 

blah blah blah. 

enjoy listening to this song. i hope it gets you dancing in your seat like it did me.

keep dancing,

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