i finally found a bar cart! i have been looking feverishly for a bar cart for months! i had more of a mid century modern cart in mind, but this one grabbed my attention like a mother. each week i pop into one of my favorite shops on 4th street. it's a dumpy little store, most walk in and then immediately walk right out. i always just dig around for a while and even leave and come back in a few minutes. you really need to have a vision when shopping there. i have found most of my most favorite vintage gems from this store. 

i was pleasantly surprised this weekend when i found this old brass cart under a pile of marilyn monroe and james dean canvas prints. it is fitting in quite perfectly at peacock social headquarters. 

above you will find a few shots of the first stages of our lovely new bar cart.

i have a "stock the bar" party on the brain. a party where all the guests help you stock your bar while sipping on delicious creative beverages all night. this party might be where the next peacock social mini movie is filmed. 

stay tuned, peacocks.

keep dancing,

*currently listening to this

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