1.) timing - you've been dreaming about this day your entire life. that song you walk down the aisle to is being played by your dj on most occasions. unless you've hired a band as well as a dj. which on a budget, can most of the time be super duper expensive. people rarely have both. after you are announced as man and wife, you don't want to wait 5 minutes for your recessional to be played. timing is everything.

2.) master of ceremonies - have you ever thought about what it would sound like as you walk into your reception and are announced to your friends and family for the very first time? guess whose mic that is? yes, that's the dj's mic. guess who's voice that is? yes, that's the dj's voice. in some cases, the venue will have an available mic, but in most cases not. a wireless mic is ideal. how tacky can your wedding become when suddenly a super annoying voice is asking all of your guests to sit down for dinner? how much more annoying is it when your MC won't stop talking? less is more.

3.) lighting - ever wonder where the lighting is coming from while getting down on the dance floor? or even worse, ever wonder why there isn't any lighting while you're getting down on the dance floor? i didn't realize how important good lighting was until i saw how tacky lighting can be. invest in someone with the good stuff. you won't regret it.

4.) organizational skills - there are so many details involved in a wedding. a lot more than people realize when they start planning a wedding. writing the timeline in itself is enough to give you heart palpitations. a lot of people wait until the last minute to hire their dj. your dj should be able to help you with the structure of your timeline, especially if you have a lot of music planned throughout the day. the dj should be hired in the early stages of your planning. it can take months to finalize your set lists. your processional song choice will change at least once in the course of the year before your wedding. the dj  should work hand in hand with your event coordinator to make sure your day is seamless.

5.) experience - it's true, none of us would have ever been given a chance if we never got our first shot.  your wedding shouldn't be where someone gets practice. don't hire your friend's cousin who has "some" dj experience just to save money. i have heard horror stories from venue employees on how much the dj can really ruin a wedding. most of the time it has to do with lack of experience and not having the right equipment. it's also nice when your dj has the experience of reading the crowd to know when to change things up on the dance floor.

here is a perfect example of how things can go terribly wrong:

we dj.

keep dancing,

*currently listening to this

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