marrakesh house and the power of music

we djed a really lovely and heartfelt wedding yesterday at marrakesh house. the day was bittersweet, and i have to say my heart was feeling pretty heavy, as my mother in-law was diagnosed with cancer last month and underwent a very intense surgery just 2 days prior to yesterday's big event. being at the wedding was nice though, you could definitely feel the love in the air. the ceremony was beautiful and many warm things were said about the bride and groom all night long. mariachis played during the prelude and since we were playing music for the ceremony too, we had the pleasure of hanging out with them for a bit. hector shared childhood memories of singing with his mom when she would sing with mariachis. at one point during their performance yesterday, hector called his mom at the hospital and the mariachis dedicated her favorite song to her and played it as she listened over the phone. the touching gesture made me cry and made me happy that she got to listen and experience a little bit of joy, especially right now while she is going through a rough recovery. it was so kind and reminded me of how powerful music can be.

it was such a pleasure to be a part of such a beautiful day.

congratulations, becky and carlos!

keep dancing,

(ps photos)

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