timing is everything

hola! things are getting busy over here at peacock headquarters. i would first like to say how much i appreciate the referrals! as mentioned before, we are stepping into new territory this year. you can now hire peacock social for your event coordinating needs. we just booked two weddings as "day coordinators". one of them is in joshua tree, which should be amazing. the idea of event planning feels really natural to me. as djs we have had a lot to do with wedding production. timing is everything! we have learned so much these past couple of years.

i feel we have a lot to offer. i've also been thinking a lot about the talent i am surrounded by. which is why i plan on compiling a list of contacts/vendors that can help you with your event needs. i will be posting that sometime tomorrow. so, stay tuned!


keep dancing,

*currently listening to recommendation by little dragon

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