we dj

have you noticed the little "we dj" stamp [of approval] addition to our lovely ps logo? it's been up for a bit. i do love the fine look of the logo, but the other day i went into a panic and considered a sudden name change. it's not the first time this has happened to me. the last time this happened was when we djed at smog shoppe. the manager asked 'why peacock social?' i said, 'why not?'. well, the truth is, i originally chose peacock social for it's stylish appeal, for it's flow and slight sophistication mixed with a party edge. peacocks are beautiful, and did you know that peacocks are male? hence, the cock. hee. 
seriously though, i am on fire with ideas. i decided to hold onto peacock social. as i told my friend cindy b the other day, there's a buzz around peacock social. i caught myself and laughed. haha! hey, i have to believe in myself! 

peacock social is here to stay. 
and by the way... we dj.
summer is upon us, which means you'll most likely need a dj. we are currently offering some affordable summer rates for your djing needs. it'll be too hot to have to worry about finances. 
let's party. 

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