chandeliers, shoulder pads and jerome.

i was one of the lucky ones who got to experience the lykke li show at the el rey theatre on wednesday. our night started off at the redbury hotel in hollywood, where we got our libation on and nibbled on soyrizo and pita bread. we then jumped in a cab and headed over to the el rey. 

once the foggers started going nonstop, i knew we were in for something extra special. she opened with jerome. i was completely mesmerized during the entire show. i always tell people that they haven't really experienced lykke li until they watch her perform live. this was my fourth LL show and they get better each time. she has an evident authentic passion for music. she pours her heart into her music and is honest about it. not to mention, she is stylish as all hell. 

that was truly an amazing night. good music and good friends.

buy her album wounded rhymes immediately. you can also stream her performance on kcrw here.

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