the night starts here

the husband and i have been preparing feverishly for the next wedding we are djing. it's pretty exciting because we are also involved in the ceremony portion. which means we both need to get our acts together when it comes to controlling the tears. we are both so weepy at weddings. geez. i am learning a lot about weddings though. we eloped, so there wasn't much to plan. it was pretty much like this "hey baby, let's get married next weekend." "okay cool, where?" and i wouldn't change a thing about it. not that i don't love the idea of putting together a beautiful, memorable party, i love everything about preparing for an event. and i must admit, i think i might be sort of good at it. for now, i will stick to providing the music and dance flavor. 

so here it is, the peacock social ad for our djing services. 

calling all knot tyers! 

we are here for you. we too are married (to each other), so we know the drill. let's plan a memorable wedding playlist together. we are music junkies, love all types. we are suckers for epic, melodic musical loveliness but we also love to dance. we get you. 

whether you love or hate gaga, we can deliver your version of a beautiful extravaganza. 

with an affordable approach to djing, we will bring the proper noise. 

the night starts here. 

currently listening to : the night starts here by stars

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