do me a "party" favor

1play to the crowd. for god sakes, if someone wants to hear some ice cube, don't be all uptight about it, play it for them!
2. food, food, food. presentation, simplicity, yumminess. 
3. balloons. on the ceiling, on the floor.   
4. karaoke! avoid going out to a stuffy bar where everyone is hogging up the song book. try homemade karaoke. all you need is a mic and this.
5. musicif you can't find a good dj (ahem), try any of these (free) stones throw podcasts  (57: soul with a hole is always a hit!) 
6. lights. disco, christmas, strobe. your choice. 
7. party punch. get recipe here.
8. selective invites. no one likes a snapper, stick with the positive guests. 
9. keep it light. no one (except for my husband, maybe) wants to talk politics, over intellectualize, or debate over the war at a party (save that for your next dinner engagement). eat, drink, laugh and dance. forget the stuff that consumes your mind on an average day. just have a good time. 

and now, a word from beet.

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