may 4th marked the anniversary of the death of adam yauch. the sadness and tragedy over his death is still very fresh to me.

my obsession with the beastie boys started when i was 11 years old. i followed everything they did, but the most significant memory i have was one day as i was listening to bodhisattva vow". a heartbroken 19 year old, i wasn't able to hold back the tears as i started writing a letter to adam. i expressed my utmost gratitude for the words he spoke. i remember not being able to stop writing, i wrote things about my life that had needed to come out for a very long time.

 one of the verses from bodhisattva vow that hit home for me the most, was this one. 

"If others disrespect me or give me flackI'll stop and think before I reactKnowing that they're going through insecure stagesI'll take the opportunity to exercise patienceI'll see it as a chance to help the other personNip it in the bud before it can worsen"

since then, i have never forgotten. i think about it all the time, even to this day when people speak poorly of me. 
adam spent most of his life practicing the teachings of buddha and i later got to learn more about his beliefs and his goal to be the change that he wanted to see in the world. i feel that although his life was taken way too soon, he achieved what takes some an entire lifetime (if ever at all). 

i wrote that long letter to adam and put it in the mail. weeks later i received this:

the postcard reads:

"don't let the stuff that went down in that relationship bring you down, use it to make you stronger, learn from it. crying is good, writing is good too.

thank you for your letter, it made my day.


we miss you, adam. 


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  1. That is so cool that he responded to your letter! I can get behind Buddhist thought, and want to start meditating a whole lot more.