today on my walk i was thinking a lot about the things i am most grateful for. i decided to write them down. 

1. | i am grateful for the tremendous support around me.
2. | i am grateful for my health (just had a physical and was given a clean bill of health).
3. | i am grateful for my husband. who is also the best friend a girl can have. 
4. | i am grateful for what i have learned about myself in the past few years. the most ever in my life. 
5. | i am grateful to be able to devote all of my time to my business. 
6. | i am grateful for my family and friends (who are also family). 
7. | i am grateful to live in a city that i love so much. 
8. | i am grateful to have met such amazingly inspiring people in the past year. 
9. | i am grateful for our lovely clients!!
10. | i am grateful to be surrounded by creativity in my home. 

and for good measure, here are some obvious ones:

11. | music
12. | dancing
13. | laughter
14. | unconditional love
15. | good times

keep dancing,

*currently listening (such a beautiful piano version). 

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