it's been a busy holiday season, but busy in the best possible way. i didn't think i would be able to put a christmas tree up this year because our little bar cart took our tree spot; but after tor put together a music studio in the bedroom, a chair was relocated and voila! a perfect space was left in the living room for a christmas tree. not only i am thrilled that we have cute little tree to gaze at, but i am also incredibly happy that there is music being made in our home again. 

last night as i was putting together my to do list, i realized that i have a lot to do in the next few weeks. i was spontaneously asked to officiate the wedding of one of my favorite couples a few weeks ago. this is something super new to me. the wedding is a week from saturday and i am overwhelmed with nervous excitement. needless to say, i have been writing a lot lately. along with writing about love and putting together vows, always comes tears. such a sap, i tell you!

happy holidays.
spread love. 

keep dancing,

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