i have been wanting to make my own dj table for a while now. yesterday we took a trip to the hardware store for ideas; this is what we came up with. it's so perfect for our new set up. we recently got a new ergonomic dj controller. it's so cute and super mobile. i am really happy with the end result. doing this little project was fun. we want to try and create another more intricate piece in the future, but first need more tools. dj gear can be so ugly! it shouldn't have to be!

we are djing at the 2nd saturday long beach art walk this weekend. we will be located in the new arts alley between broadway and 1st street on linden. it's great to be doing something in our community. 

a huge thank you to kimberly from anneise for getting us involved. if you haven't been to anneise, you need to visit this amazing little store immediately!! so many handmade geometric jewelry pieces to choose from, handbags and clothing with an organic feel. love it!

keep dancing,

(ps photos)

*currently listening to this.

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