i attempted to have a craft party last weekend. well, we never got to the crafting portion of the evening, but we did have a good time drinking wine and making homemade pizza. i have become obsessed with mobiles lately. i was determined to create my own. the day after my craft-turned-pizza party, i sat at my dining room table and had a really nice time crafting all by myself. i think this might have to remain something i do alone. it was nice to sit and really get into my own ideas. i do have to say that though mobiles look easy to make, they really are not. it takes patience and a lot of do-overs. this is something i think i can stick with though. i really like that there are no rules. and i like the idea of something keeping me away from bravo TV (i am a real housewives junkie). i will post pictures of my completed mobiles soon. 

we are getting ready for our next wedding which is just a couple of weeks away. i received the bride and groom to be's list of song requests yesterday and a lot of the music is stuff i listen to myself, so needless to say, i am thrilled. the reception is a DIY backyard bash which is right up my alley. 

hope you are staying cool this week. 

keep dancing,

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