well, as one wedding passes another is weeks away. we had the pleasure of spending the day with two of our clients this past weekend. we visited their venue which is a really lovely country club in rancho santa margherita. afterward, we went to their home and they prepared us a delicious meal. it was so great to get to know them.

as i have mentioned in previous posts, i really love the process before a wedding. you get a glimpse into people's lives and even though their musical taste can tend to be really different from ours at times, the music still always makes me feel really good. this is one of the reasons why i love djing weddings. other djs have asked me if it's hard to not always play what i want to play, well, all i can say is that it is always a pleasure playing what people want to hear on a day they have been waiting for and planning for months, a day that they will remember forever. when it all comes together, it is a really special thing. it convinces me that this is what i am meant to do.

on another note, our night at the mezz went so well. so many people came out and the art was plentiful. we met some really talented artists, got to listen to some really good house music and i got to play a small tribute to the beastie boys. everything was well received. we will definitely be doing it again.

keep dancing,

*currently listening to this.

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