pride 2012

sofia with her flag.
baxter looking so handsome. 

the pride parade was extra fun this year. it was nice to have children in the mix. i was especially happy to be seated next to the lovely, sofia (who danced throughout the entire parade) and my friend john's cutie pie of a dog, baxter (who i like to refer to as my boyfriend).

the parade was followed by really tasty (and pretty) basil and strawberry drinks and a delicious BBQ feast. we have a few new neighbors in our building who are pretty darn good cooks and great company. we did karaoke, danced and ended our night on the beach listening to beach house on the jam box. 

it was a nice day. we got to relax our minds a little and celebrate pride. i am really proud to live in a city that celebrates diversity and lets people be who they are. it's one of the many reasons i love long beach. 

keep dancing,

*currently listening to live it up by POP ETC

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