the raincoats, coconut oil and other thoughts

this morning i made spinach and potatoes cooked in coconut oil. i've recently become addicted to coconut oil. i haven't been cooking as much as i would have liked to this past month due to my work schedule. i really miss cooking when i don't cook as often. i have to admit though, i do get lazy about it sometimes. this is never a good thing though because then i want to order take out all the time. so, i need to get my act together.  

on another note, the raincoats are playing at the echoplex on tuesday. i have to work of course and am bummed that i won't be able to go. i've been listening to them nonstop lately along with a certain ratio and lizzy mercier descloux which have lifted my mood like a mother. 

have a fun sunday. i'll be working at the bookstore all night - daydreaming about dancing. 

(ps photos)

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