life of the party: michael carson

pure loveliness. 
''My work is first and foremost figurative studies. It's what I like to paint, my biggest challenge and my greatest payoff. My nondescript surroundings help me create a mood or a story that I am trying to relay through my painting. Inspiration comes from architectural interiors as well as fashion and my work allows me to explore and explain this side of myself. Seeing how the work evolves, the subtle and the drastic differences, and looking forward to the future is what keeps me painting. I view a painting as a success when I take from it something new that follows me into my next work. It's just about learning to become a better painter.'' 


  1. I love his paintings. They look so vintage (60s) to me. The soft and muted colors are so beautiful & calming.

  2. i agree. some of the girls look like you! i love their wavy, messy bobs.