paella, paris is burning, and a warm welcome to 2012

we brought in the new year at cindy b. and gina's loft in san diego. we listened to house jams while paris is burning was on projection in the background. we put together a nice spread of bites and made a pretty darn tasty paella. we cooked and danced for most of the night. at midnight we drank peach champagne, blew noise makers at the local san diegans out the windows, and made a nice toast dedicated to friendship, accomplishments and dreams.
i ate a lot of cheese this holiday season, overindulging always reminds me why i stay away from it. i don't make resolutions, but i do like to take some time to reflect on the past year. all i ever strive to do is understand myself and others a little better and to be a decent person. 

happy new year, lovely people. 
may 2012 bring you lots of love, happiness and dancing.

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