10 songs for a wedding processional

1. balcony scene - craig armstrong
2. find love - clem snide
3. you're beautiful - mojave 3
4. the shining - badly drawn boy
5. take care - beach house
6. true love waits - christopher o'riley piano cover (original by radiohead - excellent as well)
7. intro - the xx
8. heartbeats - jose gonzalez
9. the winner is - devotchka
10. from a shell - lisa germano

choosing a really beautiful song for your wedding processional can really add emotion to a wedding. some friends and i recently had a love song session, where we each went around the room and played our favorite love songs for each other. one of the selections i played was bon iver's cover of i can't make you love me/nick of time. this particular cover can easily make you weep. probably not appropriate for a wedding processional, but absolutely lovely, nonetheless.  
i am a sucker for a good love song. 

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