let's get this party started right

it's christmas time! time for pom poms, bookstore madness, and tamales! this year i am going to make tamales for christmas. i've been wanting to learn how to make them, so this year i am taking on the challenge. we got our little tree last night and i got to snap a few shots with my foxy new camera that tor got me for christmas. he gave it to me early. i screamed when i opened it, of course. needless to say, i will be taking tons of pictures, so get ready!

i am especially happy when i think about the limitless possibilities that 2012 is going to bring. 2011 was a pretty darn good year for me. peacock social will be venturing out to new avenues next year. 
here's a hint: there's more to us than djing. 
2012: the year to be prolific. 

spread love.
happy christmas.

and as always,
keep dancing,

*currently listening to pop life by prince.

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