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every time i go to the grocery store i tend to buy the same things. lately, i've decided to start buying things i've never used while cooking. things like anchovy paste, pink himalayan salt (which is super duper salty!), and maybe some clams? oh my gosh, shell fish intimidates me so much, but i just so happen to be married to the biggest seafood lover in the world, so maybe it's time to get over it? i'd much rather prepare him a nice spinach salad.

i am surrounded by foodies in my life. one of the reasons why i still enjoy being on facebook is to see what people are eating and where they are checking in to grub. i was out sick this week, i haven't been feeling well at all. i watched a lot of the cooking channel. it got me thinking about how i can kick my cooking into a new gear. i've been told i am a pretty good cook, i still consider myself a rookie. i want to learn more about food. i want to be a little more adventurous in the kitchen. it also got me thinking about how i've missed cheese in my life. i've primarily eaten a vegan diet all year so far. except, i wouldn't quite call myself a vegan because i am not that strict about it. i was strictly vegan for about 4 months. which was cool, but vegan food can also be kind of processed too.  i am ready to incorporate certain things back into my diet. my problem with cheese is that i love it too much, which causes me to be a bit overindulgent. but why not have a few bites of a nice manchego dipped in honey and crushed red pepper flakes from time to time? we'll see. i do like to stick to the beans and veggies because it's so nice on the digestive system and so good for you. which i love. i'm not much of a meat or dairy eater anyway. i have tried bison though and i have to say that it's pretty tasty.

wait... where was i going with this? oh yeah! cooking.

so, my mama gave me her food processor which i've been wanting for so long. i am hoping to try some new experiments this week. i made a basil soup last week which ended up making a better sauce than a soup. i also made a tomatillo sauce which tor loved because he said it reminded him of the food he grew up eating. that was a huge compliment.

needless to say, i have cooking on the brain. (along with editing!).

have an excellent sunday.

keep dancing,

*currently listening to dusty in memphis by dusty springfield

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