this bright flash pt. II

we filmed the peacock social mini movie on saturday. that was a day i will never forget for the rest of my life. it was something i have never done before, so i am tremendously thankful to cindy b., gina and chilton for their help with filming and guidance during my first directing experience.
i have had the idea of filming something for peacock social for about a year now. it started with my obsession with the end of a song (which i will disclose later). i would sit and daydream about what the end of that song would look like visibly, which i do with a lot of songs. i think this is why i love sofia coppola's films so much. splashes of life that capture the essence of those magical moments. 

getting ready for this little film was a lot of work. i was thrown a real curveball again when i suddenly got an email from my landlord (a week before shooting) saying that the entire building needed to be quiet after 10pm. i was planning on filming in our apartment. not wanting to chance getting any complaints, i decided we just couldn't use our place to shoot. i almost postponed the whole thing, which just about broke my heart. all night while i was at work, i kept getting messages from tor "don't give up."and then i get another text message from erika "you can use our house." i got all teary eyed and after much consideration, accepted the offer. erika and brian made this thing happen and for that, i can't thank them enough. 

there is a lot to say about this process and i will have a few more posts telling you more about how the night went, but i will end this post by telling you some of the things i learned from doing this. 

1. "roll tape, scene 1, take 2, ACTION!"
2. have plenty of people involved because half of them won't show up.
3. communication is paramount.
4. people aren't as shy as you think they are.
5. there is a lot of administrative work involved.
6. create a storyboard!
7. if you are the director, wear something comfortable. 
8. take a lot of shots (photo shots, not alcoholic shots)
9. be extremely clear about your vision.
10. people come through for you (a group of amazing people came through for me that night). 
11. no matter how ridiculous you might think your ideas are, never shut off your inner visionary. 
12. create and complete.

this is just the beginning of many more posts to come and many more people to mention. i will also post some more photographs as well. 

i hope you all had an amazing weekend. 

happy halloween. be safe out there. 

and as always,
keep dancing,

(photo by gabrielle)

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