shake it like pro

goodness, what a week! we djed the shaushkin wedding on saturday. it was a success. other than a minor freakout i had last week when the motherboard on our macbook pro died. ironically, it died the same day as steve jobs. 

tuesday night i got home from work (after midnight) and hopped on my 5 year old laptop. when suddenly, the screen got all zig zag-y. i quickly rebooted and got the same fuzzy screen. i ran to our bedroom and woke tor "oh my god! i don't know what happened!!" annoyed to be bothered with yet another IT issue, and to be woken up like that, he walked over to our laptop and rebooted and then started talking computer talk. "what? we have a wedding on saturday, hector! all of my music is on that laptop!!!" (he later told me that i turned as white as a ghost). after bickering at each other for about 10 minutes, we went to bed. 

wednesday morning i went straight to the local apple store. i ran in and desperately ran over to the first guy with an apple on his shirt. "our next available appointment at the genius bar is at 11:30." okay, great. i wandered around cerritos mall for an hour and a half. as 11:30 approached, i went in and spoke to someone named daryl. he was really cool. he assured me that everything was going to be all right. he took me over to a genius who plugged my pro in and said "it's your motherboard." it will take about 10 days to fix. i knew that i needed to buy a new laptop immediately after he called my laptop vintage but not yet obsolete. "it has another good year." 

in the end, it all worked out. needless to say, i purchased a new macbook pro that day. a 13 inch cutie. that was a close call! in the back of my head i had the voices of all the elderly people i have encountered at work over the years that have often said "what will you kids do when you lose everything on your computers?" it made me think back to the days when i used to play records when i djed. i guess in some ways i miss it, in other ways, it's just not practical for me to carry around 6 hours worth of music on vinyl. 

the shaushkin wedding was beautiful. it was the first time i had experienced a ceremony that included saying vows to their child as well as to each other. they held hands with their son and gave him a little bracelet. promised to always love him. so beautiful. 

i was proud of myself for keeping it together.

like a pro. 

congratulations chris and vanessa! thanks for letting us be a part of your lovely day. 

*currently listening to: the english riviera by metronomy. 

(ps photos)

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