goals are good

though it may seem like i am a party girl 24/7, i actually am not. believe me, i wish i could play hard like i used to. a night of drinking makes me all puffy and lethargic. it isn't cute. i have to work harder toward taking care of myself these days. facials, exercise, eating all my fruits and veggies, moisterizing, and drinking enough water. my goodness!! i don't exercise nearly as much as i should, but it's something that nags my mind like nothing else!

i have been working toward some goals though. i am not the most disciplined person because i am easily distracted, but i have really been trying.

here are a few goals of mine:

1. learn spanish [rosetta stone yay!]
2. exercise for at least 30 minutes a day
3. teach myself photoshop - i have it, now i must learn it.
4. make a short film
5. take a business class
6. read more
7. be a better listener
8. less tv/internet - once i started knowing the real housewives by name, i knew that was not a good sign.
9. visit a buddhist temple
10. take more trips

i am proud to say that i have achieved some of my goals this year (this list was longer).

these past few years have not been easy for me, but when things get tough, all we can do it keep going. and more than anything else in the world, we have to love ourselves.

okay, enough. time for some exercise!

have an amazing day!

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  1. NIce list. I am always in the process of making one. The Buddhist temple, though: we've been wanting to go to the Hacienda Heights temple for awhile now. Should meet up someday.