we've been working on revamping our place. we started by painting an old table that we purchased from target like 6 years ago. it was dark brown to begin with. one day i decided to paint it bright orange. i was trying to add a pop of color to the place. i am normally drawn to neutrals. now i know why. needless to say the orange table didn't work out. i wish i had a before photo to show, unfortunately i don't. 
after a few months of living with the ugly little orange eye soar, i came up with the marvelous idea of painting the table white. whoa, what a groundbreaking idea! it ended up making our place look so bright and clean, which i love. once the table was painted, i decided to remove the glass from the little doors and replace it with plywood. i am really happy with the way it turned out. tor did most of the work. thanks, baby!
the next project on the list is to remove the blinds and hang our new canvas curtains. i despise vertical blinds. they are practical, but eww. just look at how they ruin a room [below].
we also started a collection of succulents. plants don't survive around me. i have tried time and again to have plants and they always die. i am going to try succulents, cacti and maybe a terrarium or two. 
next up, wallpaper! i am loving this whitby wallpaper by mini moderns.
i don't want to cover an entire wall with it. i just want it as a backdrop for our little bookcase. 

 i really love decorating. interior design is a dream job of mine. maybe someday i will get some balls and just go for it. for now, i will just enjoy the little projects i do for our home ♥

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