life of the party: beastie boys

where do i begin? beastie boys were a saving grace to my adolescence. seriously, one of my favorite bands of all time. i would most definitely put them on my top five, even my top three. i have so many memories that include a beastie song. singing pass the mic over and over again in a las vegas hotel room, cruising around in my volkswagen fox to egg man, crying my heart out to bodhisattva vow, swooning over the so what'cha want video, and experiencing my first limo ride while listening to licensed to ill (in 6th grade). in my early twenties i gave into my jazz curiosities. one which included a blue note craze. shortly after listening to many blue breakbeat compilations, i realized how much beastie boys loved blue note as well. i just love these boys. 

"if you're drivin' don't drink, and if you drink don't drive."

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