i don't have to sell my soul, he's already in me

people often ask, "what kind of music do you play?" it's always a super hard questions to answer. i never like sticking to one genre, but who likes to hear "i play a bit of everything."? for example, my most recent purchase was a bone thugs n harmony song. i am a sucker for guilty pleasures and have no problem admitting that. 

i have been djing for years now and have played the most random of sets. tor tells me i am good at reading a crowd. well, i try. as i have said a million times before, music is my life, which is why i want to share it with you.

here are 10 of my dance floor favorites:

1. like some dream (i can't stop dreaming) - daniel wang
2. peg - steely dan
3. the telephone call - kraftwerk
4. you belong - hercules and love affair
5. loot - masters at work
6. another man - barbara mason
7. baby can't stop - lindstrom & christabelle
8. everlasting bass - rodney O and joe cooley
9. dreaming about tomorrow - rupeski
10. get down - raydio

respect the dance floor because the dance floor never lies. the dj is not the star - ben watt

have an amazing weekend!

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