after watching the documentary maestro, i was instantly inspired, it brought back a time for me that was equally influential. there was a time period in the early 90s that i was fortunate enough to be a part of that was a testament to larry levan. larry levan emphasized that it wasn't always about mixing, it was about creating a set that told a story. some nights he mixed and some nights he just didn't. he played what he wanted to hear, not what the world wanted to hear. 

maestro hit home in a lot of ways for me. djing is an artform. songs and beats are instruments. regardless of what kind of music it is. music can change the moods and minds of many if you are passionate about what you are doing. i feel that this documentary speaks to musicians, djs and artists alike. creating an atmosphere that moves people doesn't come easy for many. it's not about having a "rager" it's about creating a memorable time or piece. larry levan and many djs have been able to do that through the power of the music, the people and the love. 

i highly recommend maestro. see for yourself. 

keep dancing. 

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